Vegan Handbags

GUNAS New York


What is a Vegan Bag?

When most people hear “vegan” they think food choices but the reality is the vegan lifestyle increasingly includes a much broader canvas including fashion bags and accessories.  When applied to handbags for women the term is also synonymous with ethical and cruelty free.  Typically these bags appeal to women who would like to know that what they are carrying hasn’t resulted in harm to animals of the people making it and is generally sympathetic to the environment.

How do you tell?

Typically the bags will be labelled vegan or cruelty-free.  They will not be leather but often faux leather – material made from polyurethane, recycled nylon or things as varied as pineapple leaves.  In addition to the “leather” what out for other items like the adhesives which may not be truly vegan. There are specialist retailers and designers including GUNAS New York some of whose products are featured below.  Most main stream retailers like Amazon also have vegan options ifd you search for them.  

Bags from GUNAS New York



Amazon does Vegan as well




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