Trends for 2019 – The Round Handbag

Of the various trends the experts tells us will be hot in 2019, the round bag seems to be one of the hot ones. A silver round bag smouldering. Yes the round bag has been around for a while but, as they say, good fashion or design doesn’t go out of date. It seems that everyone should include at least one in their selection. Personally I think they’re a little impractical but there is no denying the real chic of a designer round bag on the arm or over the shoulder. So if you want to stand out, complete an outfit or simply have a bit of fun, check out a few examples below.

Generally Round

Designer Round

My Picks


Just because the so called experts are pointing you in this direction doesn’t mean you should necessarily go there.  If this is right for you …. well fine.  If not, then acknowledge the trend but inject your own flair and style.  Above all have fun with your fashion and accessories making your own statement in your own way.

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