The Un-Baby Baby Bag – all that stuff carried with some style

The Un-Baby Baby Bag – all that stuff carried with some style

Like all new moms I struggled to find a way to carry around all the various bits and pieces that new babies need. There’s just so much of it and I only have two hands! While I knew I needed a “baby bag” most of them look exactly like what they are – a diaper bag and what I wanted was a bit more of a designer baby bag. Something that worked but still maintained as much style as is possible for a new mom.

So what’s an Un-Baby Baby Bag ???

The un-baby baby bag is not only pragmatic and multifaceted, it is stylish and a must have item when you become a parent. These bags combine as a purse and a baby bag in one. No longer will you have to carry your baby bag and purse at the same time while juggling your children.

These bags have unlimited uses from your hospital stay, to your baby’s nappies and bottles, to your toddlers change of clothes. They can also become an overnight and travel bag and so much more. It really is the ultimate bag to have in your collection.

My Baby Bag Story

This is my story about how I dealt with carrying all the stuff a new baby needs without resorting to a back pack.

While I was packing for the birth of my daughter, I struggled to fit everything into the baby bag I had, it really was only suitable for nappies and a few bottles. I found myself increasingly frustrated unpacking and repacking in many different ways to try to fit it all in. The style and color didn’t really do anything for me either, its safe to say I was pretty unhappy with that bag.

I had so many more items to pack and my mini suitcase was full with all the things I would need for myself, for my stay in hospital. I was starting to stress! Now I know what you are thinking, why didn’t I just use another bag? Well, the short answer is, we just didn’t have any others.

It was at this time I started my search for a bag I could put all my baby’s items in and possibly the contents of my purse to avoid carrying so many different bags and still feel like I was stepping out in style. It had to be spacious, versatile, look good and above all, practical. A bag I could use on holiday as a carry-on piece of luggage. A bag I could pack clothes in for an overnight stay with my sister. A bag I could put toys in for a quick visit with grandma. The ideas were endless. I just knew I wanted a bag I could continue to use long after my children had grown up and I no longer needed to pack nappies or changes of clothing for them.

And then I found it! The un-baby baby bag, to anyone else it is really, just a bag but to me it was so much more, it was just what I needed.

My bag arrived !!

My bag arrived a week later, it was modern, roomy and had smaller inside pockets so thing wouldn’t get lost. I was so excited to start packing my baby’s things, a blanket, a wrap, clothes, kitted cardi’s, nappies, a teddy-bear (6 years on and still her favorite), dummy, and booties. Everything she would need once she arrived and in pure Zoey style she arrived letting everyone know she was here and ready to make her mark in the world. This bag was everything I had dreamed about, I also had space for my wallet, keys, a drink bottle, lip balm and various other items my purse would usually contain. It also sat beautifully on top of my wheelie bag, I didn’t even need to carry it that day.

As I sat in anticipation for the birth of my baby girl, I was pleasantly surprised at how much more I could fit into this bag than a normal baby bag and how fantastic it looked for everything I planned to use it for. It was now my go-to bag for all occasions I needed a bit more space to put the things that I wanted to take with me in. Now, I know that sometimes its hard to convince your other half to splash out for a new bag but my partner at the time agreed to the purchase of this bag as he could see the many uses it would have long after we needed it for baby items. It also meant he wouldn’t have to listen to my whinging and moaning about the useless baby bag we already had. It really was win-win for everyone.

If you are still using a baby bag and feel like I did, make the jump to an un-baby baby bag, trust me you will never look back.

Hope this helps …

So that’s the story of my quest to find a bag that worked for me as a brand new mum without losing all my dignity along the way. Thank you for reading this far and I hope my story gave you some ideas to think about.

I’d be pretty interested in your thoughts and ideas so please level me a comment below or a question if you have any. Feel free to share this using the buttons below.








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15 thoughts on “The Un-Baby Baby Bag – all that stuff carried with some style”

  1. Hi Holly,
    This is a great post on what an Un-baby bag is and why I should tell my friend that just had a baby why she needs this! It seems that this is a perfect upgrade from the typical baby bag. Thank you for the info, I will for sure pass it along to my friend 🙂

  2. Hi
    First of all congratulations on the birth of your daughter. I don’t think they had un-baby-baby bags when my kids were young. We just threw everything into a backpack and out the door. Efficient enough but not very flattering for their mother. Since I love a backpack with lots of pockets and compartments the un-baby- baby bag are a great idea. Functional, a pocket or compartment for all your baby’s necessities and still offers mum a sense of style. I’m sure my ex-wife would have loved one of these bags.

  3. Wow! These bags you listed are super cute! I really like the RUVALINO bag. It doesn’t even look like a diaper bag and is so stylish it could go with any of my outfits! The price tag is even better and doesn’t feel like a splurge. If a woman’s husband questions the purchase she can always quip back, “It’s for the baby!” Thanks for making me aware of how far “diaper bags” have come. I suddenly need 3 un-baby bags! lol

  4. Thanks for sharing this great post with all of us!

    I will bookmark your post as I want to have easy and quick access to your ideas. I have the same problem as I can not put everything in my baby pack. The un-baby baby bag will help me for sure
    Thank you again, and I wish you all the best

  5. Wow thanks for sharing this Holly!

    Didn’t even know what an Un-baby bag was until I read this article! This will definitely be helpful for all moms.

    Thank you for sharing your struggles with finding a baby bag that can also be a purse. Moms are the real superheroes and it will definitely help to have a versatile and stylish un-baby bag!

    I sent this article to my friend who has a 3-month old. I’m sure she will find this very helpful!

    Thanks again for sharing!!


  6. so wish when i was having my children there was this bag it so much more oraticalkly and every think will fit nicely in .congrats on the birth your daughter and thank you for sharing these great bags .Also if you have an adult with special needs and you have to carrier lots spare incontinence pads and wipes ect this bag for you

  7. Thank you very much for your fantastic website. It is amazing that you show people how to choose dream-like bag. I hope more people will know about your website and follow your guidance.
    Kind regards,

  8. My wife was also struggling to find a good bag since she has to carry lots of stuff for our baby. So, I was searching in Google to find out the best bag for her and landed here. I think Un-Baby Baby Bag is what we are looking for. Thanks a lot for this post.

  9. Wow the Sohi Designs black and white bag is stunning. It really looks like a purse, so stylish. The bags sure have come a long way since I had my kids i’ll tell you!! I’m super excited to find your site. I’m going to have to show my daughter for her new arrival coming soon!!

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