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On this page we’ll share with you a summary review of the designers we like and maybe some we don’t. A link to a full review (if needed) and a product page is also included. The name “Designers” is perhaps a misnomer because, although we will feature specific designers of handbags for women we will also review and rate online suppliers highlighting designer handbags on sale. While some of these reviews will also include options for designer handbag resales that is probably best viewed under our deals pages accessible from the top menu.

A word about social license. We believe that good businesses should provide something back to the community or at the very least demonstrate strong ethical and environmental values. We think that companies that do this deserve some extra credit. It also tends to mean that if they pay attention this these aspects their quality systems and therefore their products will be better than those that don’t. I don’t want to get too PC about this and freely acknowledge that this is a bit of an experiment and quite a subjective judgment. I do however want to recognize those businesses that pay it forward by way of community participation or responsible environmental practices. The fact that a designer or business is not rated for this doesn’t mean they’re a bad or unethical business – we wouldn’t list them anyway. It probably just means we don’t know enough about what they do in this area.

We will be posting new reviews of designers and suppliers to this page as we complete our research and get to know them so this page will change regularly. To stay current on what’s happening I suggest you either bookmark it or subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of new reviews and offers that may interest you.

Designer Website


Diane Von Furstenberg has long been one of the top names on the American fashion scene. Her company now provides luxury fashion products internationally. As well as their signature prints and iconic wrap dress they offer a good range of high quality and well-designed handbags.

Their range includes large and cross body bags as well as clutches. Most feature bold, colorful designs which are just a bit different to what you’ll see on main street. A small, discrete DVF label features on most items.

DVF makes significant philanthropic contributions to a number of US and International organizations.

Product: Diane Von Furstenberg

My Rating: 85 / 100

Price (est): various

Best Place to Buy: Direct

Guarantee: Free returns within 30 days

International Service: Yes with several local shipping options

Social License? Strong Commitment

Designer Website


Forzieri offer an extensive range of leather handbags from their network of outlets internationally. As well as Prada, Fendi and Gucci labels they offer many other Italian designers. Balmain, Givenchy and Valentino are available and their bags are not just for women. While keeping pace with the latest fashion trends Forzieri pride themselves on a continuing tradition of providing Italian chic and style.

They offer free shipping for orders over $US 150 with other delivery charges ranging from $US 12 (standard 4-5 days) to $US 20 (express 1-2 days) within the US. International rates look reasonable and are clearly stated on their website. Customs and other taxes are calculated as part of the delivery fee.

Product: Forzieri

My Rating: 72 / 100

Price (est): various

Best Place to Buy: Direct

Guarantee: Full return accepted within 28 days if notified within 14 days and in original packaging

International Service: Yes

Social License? Unknown

Bag Romance Website


The very innovative Bag Romance offers a luxury designer bag rental service as well as options to buy out right. They will soon offer a purchase option as well. They proclaim the process as a simple four step one – find it, reserve it, romance it and return it. Obviously you will need an account to use this service which includes providing credit card information and background check authorization. You may also need proof of ID and address (US only) for your first order. The rental periods are seven and 30 days. The cost appears to work out at about 7.5% of the recommended retail so $350 for a $4,700 Chanel bag. This does seem to vary by price and designer which probably reflects different insurance rates. The 30-day options are not proportionally much more expensive than the seven. For example a Gucci GG Medium Joy Boston bag was quoted at $130 for seven days but only $200 for 30 days.

Bag Romance are not offering rubbish either. Their site lists Dior, Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton among their stock. So while the seven-day rental feels expensive except for special occasions, the 30-day deal is not and may provide an excellent opportunity to try out a brand or style before you part with significant cash. If you like it and can’t do without it the options are there to return the rental and purchase a brand new version of the same bag.

Community Investment. Bag Romance support Dress for Success Houston . The mission of Dress for Success Houston is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and development tools to help women thrive in work and life. Use the code DFSH at checkout and they will receive a $5 donation plus you get a 15% discount.

Free shipping applies on orders over $US 150 or a standard $US 25 shipping fee applies. Returns are through over-the-counter UPS with a printed label supplied to be attached to the original packaging. Insurance is provided and included in the rental fee.

Product: Bag Romance

My Rating: 78 / 100

Price (est): based on rental period

Best Place to Buy: Direct

Guarantee: 100% guaranteed authentic

International Service: US Only

Social License? Yes – Dress for Success


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