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Gucci Dionysus Large Bamboo Top Handle

From their base in Montreal, Canada, Runway Catalog offer “hard-to-find clothing and accessories for men and women.” Obviously their range includes a comprehensive range of designer handbags with their designer list reading like a who’s who of must have bags. Included are Gucci, YSL, Dolce & Gabbana Chloe and pretty much any top designer you can name. Your issue won’t be finding a top designer but rather deciding on who’s best of the best.

All products are advertised as 100% genuine and brand new. They are sourced from trusted independent suppliers and they “stand by the authenticity of every products sold on their site”. This gives Runway Catalog some pricing flexibility and as they put it they offer “a curated list of must-haves on sale”.

Their handbags and purses are not the cheapest on the market but top quality never is. When you look at their handbag catalog page you are presented with such a beautiful range that the sight is artistic in its intensity. If you can’t find something here to satisfy your desire and probably take your breath away, then you must be quite difficult to please. Have a look and you’ll see what I mean.

Runway Catalog Site

My Runway Catalog Selections

Product: Hard-to-find designer handbags (plus other fashion items)

Best Place to Buy: Direct from Runway Catalog

Guarantee: 100% genuine and brand new

International Service: Yes

Social License? Unknown

My Rating: 89 / 100

Product Selection

The product selection is extensive. The bag types listed include clutches, satchel & cross-body, min-bags, shoulder bags and backpacks. They have 116 designers listed although not all of those provide handbags. Each bag type and designer seems to have a good range which is updated regularly with the available supply. When researching Runway Catalog a casual look at tote bags showed 30+ products, 45+ mini bags and 40+ clutches so their’s plenty of choice and the opportunity to match your own style.

Dolce & Gabbana Sicily Tulip Print Satchel
Chloe Nile Minaudiere Crossbody

Additional Services

As well as their catalog pages for individual bag types and designers, their site also offers “New In” and “Final Cut”. As their names suggest these are new products and end run items. The latter providing a significant discount to the list price. In both cases these categories apply to all the fashion items offered not just designer bags so you might need to scroll a little to find what you want. I liked this feature because, although you might be searching for a new bag, it’s always interesting to see what else is around and you might just find the deal of the year. Remember this kind of shopping is absolutely about desire not need.

The company shows a slightly whimsical side encouraging you to join them on “an eclectic and playful journey beyond fashion’s strict seasonal rules”. Over to you to enjoy a fun ride!

Runway Catalog offer the usual mailing list for “Style Inspiration” and first access for their discounts. Simply signing up also offers and extra 10% discount on seasonal offers. I haven’t tested this but based on the professionalism of the rest of their site this look like it’s worth signing up to. If it proves to be spammy you can always unsubscribe later. Their Privacy, Security and Non-disclosure of Personnel Information policies have what you would expect and are subject to Canadian law so I don’t anticipate any real issues here.

If you have any questions they also have an online chat facility.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping is worldwide via FedEx with tracking and orders over $200 requiring a signature (most bags I expect). Estimated delivery times are good at 1-2 days to the US, 1-3 days in Canada and 3-8 days for the rest of the world. All time estimates are from when the items are shipped not when they are ordered. As you’d expect shipping prices depend on where you are wanting delivery but the cost for your order is shown during checkout before confirming final payment. If applicable for your country duty and sales taxes are included in the final price.

Free expedited shipping is offered for all orders over $500 within the USA and Canada.

Returns or exchange seems to be honored for pretty much any reason but their are some rules:

  • you must notify then within 5 days of parcel receipt by emailing returns @
  • All items marked final sale are not eligible for return or exchange
  • Usual criteria that items musty be unaltered, worn and in original condition – tags attached
  • The red plastic tag must not be removed – NO exceptions!
  • Return shipping should be trackable and is at your own expense. Initial shipping fees will be deducted from your refund.
  • There are some other guidelines about labeling and using the USPS so look at the FAQ on their website for the details.

Payment Method

Payment is accepted via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and AMEX. Only one method per order.



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30 thoughts on “Runway Catalog – When Only The Best Will Do”

  1. Dear Mike,

    Thanks a lot for the very thorough and comprehensive review post. To be honest I got new insights from your post.

    To be honest with you, the timing of this post is just amazing because very recently my wife asked me to look for a new handbag and this post is super helpful.

    Worldwide shipping is awesome and the detailed information on shipping is very helpful. Runway Catalog Site is great and I am going to share your post with my wife and I believe she gonna love your post and Runway Catalog Site.

    They have a wide range of products and the great thing is they do have products for men.

    I loved how easy the review makes it for readers.

    Much Success!


    • Thanks for your comments Paul. I hope your wife like the bags and yes it’s great to see a site that offers something to us guys as well.

  2. Nice post. From what I have heard before now about the Canada runaway catalogue does offer quality to match your money. especially their varieties in designers. As far as I know about their product is really genuine because my girlfriend got a designer bag from them a few months ago. I really like their service too

    • Great to here the service matched their bag quality. Kind of proves my points in the review.  Hope she liked her designer bag.

  3. I checked out their website and it sure does look stunning and is professionally designed. I am into backpacks and I just like checking them out so I did a little search on backpacks on the runway catalog and it seems they sell only top branded backpacks.

    They were quite expensive as they were over $500 and I even came across some worth $2000. Shopping from a site like this must be meant for those with a lot of money because their products are pretty expensive.

    • Sure they are fully priced even with their discounts but unfortunately it a truism of life that you get what you pay for and quality like this is worth it.  Concentrate on the value not the price.

  4. Informative article indeed. Quality material are hard to find, locating in a rare and unique stores. Runway Catalog offer “hard-to-find clothing and accessories for men and women.” Obviously their range includes a comprehensive range of designer handbags which includes Gucci. I can remember, when my sister’s birthday was near last year and she desire to look unique with great and unique a good accessories, so she ordered for a unique classy Gucci bag from Runway Catalog. To be sincere this kind of shopping is absolutely about desire, not need. She paid all necessary fee through Paypal and get her bag delivered to her in a week. The whole process is easy and fun but is about desire. The bags is still in good condition like it was bought yesterday.

    • Great that your sister had a good experience. Hope she liked her bag – tell her to come back. Lots more where that one came from lol.

  5. Oh, I love handbags! Lots and lots of them, please. Finding out new places to source different and unique bags, total bonus. I really like your inclusion of their return policy, it makes your blog full and complete. Thank you.Following the links, from your blog, was super easy and led me to a page full of fashion heaven. Again, thank you! Very thorough and well written blog, easy to follow guidelines and information and live links. I totally love this 🙂

  6. Nice article there, I which to be reading more and more about all the service runaway catalog has to offer

    truely it only the best that will do, looking at all this begs and purse I must say I look at them more than twice become I have not find any product like this in the market with such a fine colour and nice designs

    • Yes the mix of color and style is very impressive – all together artistic.  Clearly their buyers have great taste.

  7. Very detailed information about handbags, every handbag are very beautiful, I have never seen a style like these! I don’t have any handbags, most of my friends are few to have it, but maybe something like that, they might have interest!

    Thank you for this great review of handbags, I will share this article to my friends!

  8. A comprehensive review, The runway catalog site is great and will be a perfect place to get 100% quality products. I checked out the site and i noticed the have a wide range of great and quality products for sale.Thanks for the review  is it possible i could start a Dropshipping business in my country with them?. thanks

    • Sorry I can’t comment on the drop shipping options.  I’d contact them directly using the details from their website.

  9. The Gucci Dionysus Large Bamboo Top Handle caught my eyes, I’ve been thinking of a birthday present for my mum who will turn 53 in 2 months time. 

    What drew my attention to the Gucci Dionysus is its classic and matured design suitable for women in their 50s and 60s. 

    I’ll place an order but first I need to consult my sister to be sure it suits my mum’s taste.. 

    • I’m sure your mum would be very happy and if not there are plenty of other options.  If she’s like my mum she be happy that you’ve taken the time and trouble to get her a quality present.

  10. I absolutely love this insightful article because it is full of great information about handbag.  This is fascinating and intriguing to me.this handbag review described the  quality and fashionable of those products. Giving this handbag as a gift will be interesting  and also makes more sense.i will bookmarks this page and share with my friends. Thanks for the information 

  11. Thanks for this informative post runway catalog has been one of my favorite online shopping store where I bought a nice and sleek beautiful long boot for my wife for her birthday, which she confessed were very comfortable to wear. The peep toe is so cute and makes the boots different from others also they provide  customers with excellent communication and service. Always a good place to buy stuffs for my woman.

  12. Thanks for sharing this article. Runaway catalog is superb, these bags are lovely and very fascinating. My mum’s birthday is on the way and it will be nice to get her one or two of these bags. Including master card and visa as a means of payment is appreciated as well as shipping around the world too is great. Thanks for this simple review. 

  13. Looking at it from the perspective “This kind of shopping is absolutely about desire and not need”, I believe this is it for anyone interested in quality and articles of ostentation. Reading through your blog I see how exotic their catalogue will be from the pictorial representations you gave. And their services are customer friendly and easy to use and adventurous. My sister has a thing for expensive bags so I’m sharing this to her. Nice article 

  14. Hi Mike, I find your post quite informative and provides detailed information about Runway catalog which stocks hard to find designer ladies and men products. Indeed it’s a haven of quality and rare to find products. I hope the shipping charges are affordable since they do not offer alternatives apart from Fedex.

    I find it easy to follow the links provided in the post leading me to the Runway website, which is a good thing. Great review!!

    <iframe id=”tmp_downloadhelper_iframe” style=”display: none;”></iframe>

  15. This is an awesome catalog ever. I can see some good and beautiful bags. With all what I’ve read so far and your detailed explanations about these products, it shows the high level of professionalism and quality of those bags. The estimated delivery starts from the shipping day, how long does it take to process the order?. 

    • Hello Marshall.  I’ve asked Runway Catalog about their processing times and will update the review once I have an answer from them.

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