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Welcome and thanks for taking the time to check out my site. The paragraphs below have a bit about me and why I’ve put this site together. I’d welcome any comments or suggestions you have and there’s a place below for you to add those in. This site forms part of my business so as always if you like something, tell everybody but if something’s not right please tell me – don’t hold back. I’m a big boy!

Why Best Designer Handbags?

I’m Mike and like a lot of things this all started with daughters. I have three of them plus three grand daughters and of course my wife. So between them there’s a lot of handbag envy going on. The youngest daughter, call her “A” found an online retailer who specializes in a limited number of end run designer bags, often with a funky or unique aspect to them. Que handbag envy but try as they might the other couldn’t get “A” to disclose the site – although I note she was quite happy to up sell them once she grew tired of them. In this regard my daughter “A” makes the NSA and Homeland Security look positively garrulous. More power to her.

Roll forward a bit in time and I’m thinking in terms of starting some kind of online business and the obvious question is “to do what?” I settle on the idea of a “Three of the Best” theme with reviews and some suggestions which people might find useful. I want to concentrate on things which I have personal experience with and which I know others need help with. Lots of choices there but where to start? Then I remember the handbag wars and think well if my lot are so wound up about this then maybe other families are to. It also appeals to my rather warped sense of humor to cut my teeth in this business on something I have only a blokes level of knowledge on.

From a purely business perspective, every woman I know has at least one handbag and they replace them fairly frequently so there must be a reasonable market.  I also note that my girls seem to spend a reasonable amount on each bag and sometimes the quality’s not that flash.  There’s also a sameness problem i.e one bag often looks much like another so how do we get some personality and pizzazz around all this.  We live in New Zealand so there’s also the issue of identifying what the fashion or next trend might be then finding a way to access it.

So with a modicum of research, it turns out that there’s a seriously large number of options out there for the budding handbag aficionado.  So much so that it can be overwhelming.  That fits right in with my thoughts of “Three of the Best” and hence the concept of this website crystallized.  My goal is to simplify things down for you based on three main criteria you could be looking for. Namely:

  1. Best upmarket designer handbags out there
  2. Best value designer handbags deals
  3. Best funky or unique bag  (which doesn’t necessarily also mean expensive)

Because of the connections I’ve made and market research (with plenty of advice from daughters and grand daughters as you can imagine) I should also be able to bring you some of the latest deals.  To that end, once I get it added to this site, there will be a membership registration form so if future deals are something you’re interested in, register and I’ll let you know when they come up.

Why should you care?

Hopefully as this develops, next time you are looking for a new bag we can provide you an easy way of finding the best handbags by design, value and funkiness ( if that’s word).  Even if you’re not looking, I can send you some impulse buying opportunities for bags you didn’t even know you wanted but which will fast become indispensable!

This is a business

I’ve mentioned a few times that this is an online business.  As you’ve probably guessed it’s an affiliate site which means that if you click on a link to a product or supplier then I will probably get paid for any purchases you make.  (Got to pay for those new bags for my girls somehow right!)  Please note that you are not paying me.  If you purchase something from a supplier you found through this site then they pay me a small commission.

This is a well developed business model and one which has supplemented the income of many people around the world.  I have come to it through Wealthy Affiliates (WA) who are providing me the training and backroom technology stuff. It works for me but isn’t for everyone however if you have some interest check out this WA Link.  Who knows, it might be for you.

And now back to finding those cool deals for you….

So thanks for reading through this information about Best Designer Handbag Deals.  If you have any comments please leave them below and if you’d like further information please register for my deal emails.

All the very best,


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