Trends for 2019 – Elegance is always in!

Trends for 2019 – Elegance is always in!

As part of looking at the best designer handbag trends for 2019 we have covered shapes, patterns, colors as well as necklace bags and new shoulder straps. All of them show the imagination and diversity of the current market. However there is also a truism that transcends the years, the trend and popular fashion – elegance. A well-designed, simple elegant bag will always appeal.

Elegance and being elegant is difficult to define but often easy to spot. The opposite is also true …. the gaudy and pretentious are clearly not elegant. Some things we might consider are simplicity both in color and shape. The bag will be functional and understated. It will also “go with” what’s being worn.

Basic Black

The beauty of black is that it can complement virtually any outfit and the range is massive. It can also move with you through the day from an office environment to more activities. The staple for every collection, you should have at least a couple in yours.

Stunning in Silver

Silver is a 2019 in its own right but nothing says elegance quite as well as a small silver bag. This is especially true if you favor black number for your evening wear.

Flawlessly Formal

Special occasions demand and get lots of planning and attention most of which is usually lavished on the main affair. Having spent all that effort (and dollars) on a great dress make sure your makeup and accessories do it justice. A good formal bag is key. Big enough to carry what you need but not so big that you look like you’re away for the weekend.

Simply Beautiful

Sometimes regardless the named designers or price tags some bags are just beautiful. The nice thing is that everyone has slightly different taste and therefore perspective on this. Below are some thoughts from us but you find the look and feel and says elegant and beautiful for you.

Stand out Selections

Some designers stand the test of time and year after year produce designs of such quality and appeal that they virtually automatically earn their elegance accolades. Not many people can have a closet full of these but every woman should have at least one and, as some of the examples below show, they don’t necessarily need to be bought new. Which one is yours?

Final Thoughts

Hopefully some of these ideas appeal or at least spark an idea or two for you.  Happy hunting and, as always, I’d appreciate any ideas you have about all this so leave me a comment and share your experiences.

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