2019 Designer Handbag Trends

2019 Designer Handbag Trends

So 2019 is upon us and we now get to see whether all the pundits were correct about the trends for this new and exciting year. So what are the expected 2019 designer handbag trends? I didn’t get to go to FashionWeek or the other shows but a quick perusal of Vogue, Elle etc show some remarkable similarities from years gone by and emphasizes the fact that class rarely goes out of date. Generally while interesting I feel a little underwhelmed.

The list below distills the highlights of the shows and articles that followed them.

The Round Bag

Still hanging in there, the trend from 2018 for round bags stays with us. 2019 will see brighter colors, some frills and stronger prints. There is a stapled and nailed look emerging with lots of pink and sky blue or pastel shades. The round bag remains a staple for a more feminine look in a formal or semi-formal setting while retaining a slightly whimsical reminder of the 60s and 70s hippy themes. Some examples are in the market here will give you an idea of what’s on offer.

Logos and Visible Labels

Everyone likes people to see that you’ve got taste and are wearing quality. Labels and logos continue to achieve this. There’s no middle ground here though; you either have to be so ostentatious that you’re cool or remain sophisticated and understated. The middle ground is just obvious and “me too”.

Bags with Chain Straps

2019 designers seem to concentrate on silver and gold chains – on everything – but chain straps are a serious trend. They are equally at home in casual or formal settings. Personally I think you can’t go past the elegance that comes with an evening bag draped using a silver chain strap.

Holly Pro Tip: Rather than purchase a complete new bag, have a look at the options for swapping out the straps to change the look, feels and utility of an existing bag. Selecting a new strap can completely change the style of a bag for a very reasonable price. There are some very cost effective options for up cycling an older or favorite bag and bring your own personality to your wardrobe options.

Straps also feature with the emergence of necklace bag. While these feel a little faddy and impractical they do have their uses. Some photography shows successful pairing of more casual tops, jerseys and jackets with quite formal little neck bags to very good effect.


Glamour is definitely back … if indeed it ever went away. In addition to the bolder design accessories and brighter colors, sparkles, glitter and bling are all over formal bags offsetting the more somber evening wear colors and the traditional little black number. The whole effect is a celebratory Christmas one so get out your sequins and get ready to party!!

Pattern and Color Trends

  • Tartan Bags. Your cousins from the Highlands will be pleased but strong patterns especially tartans are making a come back
  • Continuing the texture theme, alligator and crocodile patterns – mock materials of course
  • Strong colors – bright pinks, deep green, light blue shades, mustard and still 2018’s burnt orange and red
  • a hint of hair or fur – again artificial of course – was a feature of many designs
  • look for natural fabric patterns like rattan, weave and flax.


There is still plenty of ideas that could well trend. One obvious one is the multiple bags off the same strap look but this seems lacking in gravitas at present. Generally bigger is better, provided it’s done with style which probably means bight color, perhaps bling but with a strap and logos. Having said that really really tiny has also featured on the runways but is perhaps not a starter for real women. So over to you; get out there and have some fun with it.

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4 thoughts on “2019 Designer Handbag Trends”

  1. I find it intriguing to see things of old popping up again as style and classy: chain linked straps, round bags straw bags are no exception. I appreciate the write-up and certainly find it easier to see what is popular now by reading your articles. Much appreciate. Continue writing.

  2. Changing the straps on a handbag can cost so much less than purchasing a new handbag. You can change the look completely by putting a gold chain on a handbag that had a leather strap before. What a great way to develop a whole new handbag collection without breaking the bank.

    • Thanks for the comment John. I’d love to take the credit for this very good option but it came from my daughter. She’s got a sharp sense for great deals and found this idea.

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